waterproof machine

Professional Series –

  • Specially desined for Heavy Industrial projects with 70% Duty Cycle, Highly efficient for Continues Welding.
  • With Good Protection of under voltage, over voltage and over current, it makes the machine safe and reliable.
  • Self adaptive power switch wide range from 280 volt to 560 volt for three phase.
  • CC features with sable arc.
  • Modular functional unit which highly enhance machine reliability.
  • Original imported New Generation IGBT Module with high stability.
  • With advanced high efficiency inverter technique 30KHZ, high working frequency, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Welding cable can be lengthened to 500 meters, and welding performance is stable. 
  • Effectively solved the problem of unstable power supply by using generator during outdoor work. 
  • Suitable for using acid electrode, basic electrode and high strength electrode.
  • Smart technology fan, with better performance.
  • With ARC force and Hot start Knob.
  • Built – in VRD protection with VRD on/off switch meet CE requirement.  

Yuva 630

yuva pr series


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